Laurent Brickell

CIO, Coreblue

About this speaker

Laurent Brickell is the Chief Information Officer at CoreBlue. Laurent started his career building custom whole-room flight simulators and computers as a sole trader. After completing University at Kingston, Laurent then started his own software engineering firm, initially building leadership training software for GKN aerospace. Laurent then moved out of London to Exeter, joining a leading Search and UX agency as their Technical Director and CTO of a software division developing counter Google NLP AI for search intelligence. Laurent joined CoreBlue in early 2022 and is experienced in international technology operations, change management, big data, and digital services industries. Client work includes GKN, HG Capital, Capita, Sainsbury's Group, Bank of Kigali, Kraft/Heinz, Distell Group, and Gallup.


How secure is your software supply chain?

17 November 2022, 02:45 PM
Laurent Brickell