Megan Goodwin

Megan Goodwin

This session will include a other experts including Valerie Bozzetto and Sandrine Bouvet


About this Speaker

A content innovator and digital media entrepreneur, she brings more than 18 years’ experience in Gaming, television, publishing and digital media specialising in the creation of great digital products and pioneering new business models. Since launching her own Innovation consultancy in 2004, Megan has been digital strategy advisor to some of the most notable international media companies including Endemol, Star Television, BBC Worldwide and Fox Television advising on some of the world’s best known TV series (Big Brother, Agatha Christie, Dancing with the stars etc..). Having worked in the early days of the internet at News International, Express Newspapers and Celador, Megan is a seasoned professional who has overseen the launch of over 70 products globally, generated revenues in excess of $400 million and received 12 industry awards. From start-ups to conglomerates, Megan is drafted in to help with a wide range of digital skills that span gap analysis and gamification to product creation.

Megan and Valerie have created a digital innovation course for Dauphine-Paris University and a creative digital strategy module at Westminster University (China Media centre). She also sits on the advisory board for Surrey Business school.

Megan has a degree in Psychology and Sociology and as a result applies a very human-centric and motivational approach to product design.