Tom Penney

Tom Penney

Expert in change management, digital and business transformation. Member of the British Psychological Society and qualified psychometrician. Successful development and delivery of large scale, complex projects in the public and private sector.

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Tom is a widely experienced and successful change leader and innovator. He started his career developing economic models for central and local government and later pioneered the development of electronic markets and trading systems at the London Stock Exchange and then Merrill Lynch. Tom is a creative thinker and was offered a place in London to study painting but after much deliberation chose mathematics and econometrics instead. Naturally inquisitive and inclined to action Tom gets quickly to the heart of any problem. Tom is a researcher and designer who believes in the power of people, individually and collectively, to change the world. Social Kemistri focuses on bringing together ideas, data, machine learning and other tech to explore, test, and deliver intelligent products and services that improve people’s lives.