2031 - A Digital Odyssey

A talk by John McMahon
Product Director, IEG4 Ltd

08 November 2021, 02:00 PM

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About this talk

Join me as together we warp through an 11th-dimensional wormhole of space and time to see the technological possibilities available in 2031. Looking back from 2031, we’ll see that we were on the cusp of enlightenment. The cusp of an age of data, orchestration, and automation. We’d see that in 2021, we rose to the precipice of a renaissance that had its genesis catalysed by a pandemic. To help us visualise this new age, we need to first consider the difference between how work is done today and how it will be in the future. Isaac Newton’s 3rd Law of motion says that every action has a reaction. Almost all queries and transactions made to local government are driven by reaction, the reasons comprising of:

• Planned events (I am moving house, my partner became a student)

• Events of contention/issues (My bin was not collected, planning proposal will block my view)

• Random/unplanned events (My council house was damaged in bad weather, I lost my job)

• Aggregated events of circumstance (Became financially troubled/became homeless)

Drivers of reactions will remain as Humans in 2031, however, it’s the orchestrated and automated chain of subsequent reactions that will change in the next decade. The notion that a property blockchain ledger and a permission-based people ledger become things which deliver synchronisation and seamless service.

John McMahon

Using first principles to drive innovation