Beth Pope

Be More Speedboat – Less Supertanker: Innovating in large, complex organisations

A Talk by Beth Pope (Founder and Managing Partner, Firehaus)

About this Talk

Innovating in large, complex organisations - why how you organise is critical to success

  • Startups and scaleups behave in fundamentally different ways to large complex organisations. And for obvious reasons: the external / market / growth / brand rules which shape them are different. And their size requires a greater level of structure and process to function.
  • But what happens when the challenges faced inevitably require those large organisations to innovate and then communicate that innovation to those it's intended to benefit? Not least when the pressures on growth are greater than ever right now.
  • Moving like a supertanker - cautious and steady - won't cut it. Thinking differently often requires behaving differently. And that's when adopting the mindset and ways of working of smaller, more agile, less established organisations can be beneficial.
  • Why then is it so hard to do? And what should you do to overcome that?

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14 November 2022, 10:00 AM

10:00 AM - 10:30 AM

About The Speakers

Beth Pope

Beth Pope

Founder and Managing Partner, Firehaus