Jazz Rasool

Can Sustained Mental Health turn Invention into Innovation?

A Talk by Jazz Rasool (Research Fellow, Ravensbourne University London)

About this Talk

Invention made valuable becomes Innovation. So how does a creative idea evolve into an invention that has enough value that people consider it valuable enough to buy into or adopt? Three key drivers of Mindsets, Techniques and Technologies are shown to move creative ideas through an almost alchemical process towards invention then ultimately innovation. Iteration of a product or service through repeated refinement and prototyping together with effective User Experience modelling can help. So momentum for real innovation is driven by sustainable creativity which can only be kept going through conservation of collaborative activities. An innovator or a design team though cannot sustain their creativity if they suffer from creative or mental blocks - if they fail to self-collaborate. Self-collaboration arises from sustained mental health so is this at the root of Innovation? Is literacy in collaboration, especially self-collaboration, a critical skill for turning invention into innovation? Is it even more important, than other literacies of reading, writing and arithmetic, in helping develop young innovators?

16 November 2022, 03:00 PM

03:00 PM - 04:00 PM

About The Speaker

Jazz Rasool

Jazz Rasool

Research Fellow, Ravensbourne University London