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Community Mapping - Asset Based Community Development

A Talk by Jaki King (If Everyone Cares CIC, If Everyone Cares CIC)

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A ‘Timely’ talk for every community across the UK.

When people within communities are unable to find and easily access the support, resources, opportunities, places to connect with others - for example Foodbanks or ‘Warm Spaces - Welcome Places’, that exist within their local area, then they will be calling on already stretched services, face isolation - which can increase negative impact on mental health, and more.

Join the founder of aDoddle.org, the UK’s first growing network of connected area-based, or niche based, community maps - 'Out of The Box', to explore the many ways in which community mapping can help to not only reduce this but also empower people and support the growth of more resilient communities by ‘joining the dots’.

Across the UK there are over 150k charities and even more community groups & projects that provide critical support & opportunities to connect with others. Yet, believe it or not, too often it’s easier to find a restaurant on Google Maps, as there is no central hub that brings this information together. Meaning that information is dis-jointed, incomplete and often out date.

aDoddle.org Community Mapping is about connecting people and communities with the support, opportunities and awareness of resources available to them within their local area. Working together to build more resilient communities.

There will be time for a Q&A at the end.

Other Information: Research from the Centre for Economics and Business Research (Cebr), commissioned by Eden Project initiative The Big Lunch and funded by the Big Lottery, showed that: Disconnected communities could be costing society £32 billion a year. It also revealed the annual cost to public services of social isolation and disconnected communities, including:

Demand on health services: £5.2 billion (equal to the cost of building 70 new Specialist Emergency Care hospitals )

Demand on policing: £205 million (equal to the median yearly salary of 6584 police officers)

Disconnected communities are also linked to a loss of productivity, with a net cost to the economy of nearly £12 billion every year.

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Jaki King

Jaki King

If Everyone Cares CIC, If Everyone Cares CIC

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