Laura Rogers

Developing a patient-facing app for a community health team

A Talk by Laura Rogers (Digital Nurse Specialist, Sussex Community NHS FT)

About this Talk

Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust has been running an ambitious digital transformation programme for the past 3 years. During their digital transformation project, the children's continence team raised a need for electronic data collection from parents and young people to replace an expensive and time consuming paper process. A developer with an existing patient-facing data entry app agreed to develop the product for free. The app has been co-designed with service leads, clinicians and service users. It first went live in January 2022 and was stopped in June 2022 due to lack of interoperability with the EPR and resistance from staff to adopt new processes. Applying a user experience approach, I have re-engaged stakeholders and the app is being redesigned for a re-launch in November. This workshop is aimed at clinicians who have an interest in digital innovation and everyone curious about user-centred design in clinical settings.

15 November 2022, 11:30 AM

11:30 AM - 12:30 PM

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Laura Rogers

Laura Rogers

Digital Nurse Specialist, Sussex Community NHS FT