Unlocking Data Value Using AI: A Case Study in Environmental Planning

A Talk by Steve Cooper
Product Director, Informed Solutions

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About this talk

The majority of public and private organisations maintain huge volumes of unstructured data distributed across disparate, unconnected data stores. There is tremendous value within this data that can drive significant operational efficiency and growth if it can be unlocked but it has typically remained inaccessible due to the associated technical and logistical challenges.

This situation is changing rapidly, however, with advances in AI technology combined with availability of the necessary cloud-based computing power. Informed Solutions recently introduced an innovative SaaS product, InformedDECISION©, that automates the extraction of critical value from large scale unstructured data stores that is then used to transform the way that organisations find information and make decisions through AI based guidance.

InformedDECISION© was recently deployed by NatureScot to transform critical planning workflows in alignment with Scotland’s long-term environmental strategy. This presentation will discuss how the platform was implemented within the organisation to pragmatically solve key data accessibility and decision-making challenges as well as detailing the associated business benefits. 

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