Fast Forward: Lightning talks on innovation

A talk by Paul Graham
Lead Developer, Scott Logic

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About this talk

Hosted by Lead Developer Paul Graham, Fast Forward brings together six speakers whose sub-ten-minute talks will cover bleeding-edge technologies, new ways of working and innovative uses of existing tech:

// 'Copilot – Life with an AI-powered pair programmer' // COLIN EBERHARDT // CTO

Colin offers a whistle-stop tour of GitHub Copilot, an AI-powered tool that provides rich and context-specific code suggestions. As you'll see, the results are truly breathtaking!

// 'Prepping the bar: Insights from cleaning and labelling a cocktail dataset' // JEVON BECKLES // Senior Developer

In this talk, Jevon summarises the first steps in creating a Seasonal Cocktail Playlist by outlining how to apply Data Science skills when cleaning and labelling a cocktail data set.

// 'Tips for a Connected Workforce in a Remote World' // CAT KORIS // Delivery Principal

Drawn from her experiences leading delivery teams throughout the pandemic, Cat shares new tips for taking the isolation out of remote working.

// 'Removing the opportunity for confrontations in Code Reviews' // STEWART PAVITT // Technical Architect

While we are all working remotely, code reviews should be an opportunity to grow as a team, but too often they can become something we fear, hate and avoid. This talks suggests an approach to remove conflict while strengthening the team.

// 'Visualising API response with Postman' // JAN VOLMUT // Senior Developer

Sometimes it’s important to show progress to people who don’t care about APIs and there is no time to put together an elaborate UI.

// 'GPT3 – Creativity from Determinism' // CHRIS PRICE // Solutions Architect

Chris Price talks to us about GPT3, one of the massive and very impressive AI models to come out of OpenAI. He'll quickly cover off the basics of how it works and where its creativity comes from, before accidentally delving into existentialism.