Jonas Soderqvist

Gaming just got sexy, why gaming is hot property for brands.

A Talk by Jonas Soderqvist (CEO, Jonas Soderqvist)

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In-game advertising is finally on the radar of the world’s biggest brands. But Jonas Söderqvuist, CEO at in-game advertising specialist, Adverty, warns that advertisers are yet to grasp the true potential of the inventory that’s out there. So, with in-game advertising finally going mainstream, this session will outline how to work with gaming inventory in order to untap its enormous potential and while there is still scope for early adopter advantage. Brands can own this space if they are brave enough to make the move. In Jonas’ talk, the vast range of in-game ad formats, environments - and new ways to reach millions of customers with huge buying potential - will be on display and accessible. As forward-thinking brands start to invest in virtual worlds, the possibilities for marketers to maximise creativity and add value to audiences are immense; with new formats offering seamless, unobtrusive brand messaging to engaged, traditionally hard-to-reach audiences. Jonas will also put questions to the audience: What if you could buy on cost-per-minute on attention? What if you could buy specific billboards in a 3D game? What if your brand could be fully immersed in an action-packed game? Go beyond theory to reality: The time is now.

14 November 2022, 01:00 PM

01:00 PM - 01:30 PM

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Jonas Soderqvist

Jonas Soderqvist

CEO, Jonas Soderqvist