Eliud Luutsa


A Talk by Eliud Luutsa (Schools Leadership Development Program Lead, Africa Matters Initiative)

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Africa is young - the youngest population globally of over 230 million young people. This youthful population is often marginalized and perceived as an economic burden due to the poor quality of education, lack of skills development, insufficient protection of women and children, refugees, persons of marginalized sexual orientation and gender identity and most importantly, those with disabilities. According to the African Development Bank, one-third of Africa's youth between 15 and 35 years are unemployed, and another third are vulnerably employed. The need for effective youth leadership development, enhanced employability and skills development in Africa has never been more of a priority. Never has the need for effective young social entrepreneurs been more urgent, and nowhere is that truer than across Africa. Therefore, AMI through its Schools Leadership Development Program (SLDP) is on a mission to develop young innovators and social entrepreneurs aged between 11-18 years from rural and semi-urban communities with the goal of making social entrepreneurship a lifetime practice starting in their adolescent years. This not only helps African adolescents value and understand the importance of social innovation and entrepreneurship to conceptualize and implement solutions that directly address social issues in their communities but also supports in transforming students into young leaders who can tangibly change their communities, countries, and regions through deep-rooted advocacy and effective leadership that innovatively challenges societal norms for the better.

18 November 2022, 12:00 PM

12:00 PM - 12:30 PM

About The Speaker

Eliud Luutsa

Eliud Luutsa

Schools Leadership Development Program Lead, Africa Matters Initiative