Reimagining Strategic Planning in the Public Sector

A Talk by Rita Golstein-Galperin
Strategic Consultant, Insights

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About this talk

Strategic planning has turned into a bureaucracy circus, without really moving the needle.

Everyone agrees, of course, that strategic planning is important – but nobody wants to do it: the current methods are outdated, performance management has turned into performance bureaucracy, and the quarterly reports on delivery became a lost battle against excel sheets. 

The existing planning process is focused on hundreds of elaborated tasks, and more often than not misses the big picture view. 

This has to end. Public sector, and essentially citizens, residents and your team, deserve a better system. 

In this talk we will discuss the solution, both in methodological terms (“how do we make government processes better?”) as well as digital infrastructure to support the change (“what tools and mechanisms should be in place to ripe technological benefits of the change?”). 

Come along if you want to plan better, and actually implement the plan – doing what matters, rather than “more of the same”. 

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