Prof Alka S Ahuja Gemma Johns

TERMS- Technology Enabled Remote Monitoring in Schools

A Talk by Prof Alka S Ahuja and Gemma Johns

About this Talk

Technology Enabled Remote Monitoring in Schools (TERMS) is a new project in Wales that is exploring the provision of a multi-agency pathway using digital, linking up with education, health, social care and third sector services such as virtual and remote monitoring services, and how this can be delivered across a spectrum for mental health, such as eating disorders/ difficulties. This is a co-designed scoping and testing project that works closely with young people and education, NHS, policy and 3rd sector partners. Using a mixed methods quality improvement approach, data has been gathered, and recommendations have been made to test out specific areas of need to enable safe and timely care:

The session will discuss our journey taken whilst co-designing and planning the implementation of the multi-agency pathway that will be tested out between schools and NHS services in Wales. We will discuss how working in a co-productive, quality improvement way can lead to improvement, and we will also talk about the resistance for change and some of challenges.

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Prof Alka S Ahuja

Prof Alka S Ahuja

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Gemma Johns

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