The Data connundrum: normalising data across NHS Trusts

A talk by Paul Martin and Alan Payne
Cognizant and Sensyne Health

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Whilst NHS standards provide a level of consistency for central reporting, there is no common data model (CDM). Historically, each Trust has adapted these standards across their different systems and processes.

This decentralised approach has resulted in some key healthcare challenges:

  • difficulty in getting a holistic view of patient care

  • inability to identify data patterns to accelerate research

  • inability to reveal complexities and touchpoints for patient care

  • lack of data unification across Trusts

By curating Trust data into a CDM, organisation can assist relevant studies by providing cross Trust support for faster and more efficient research and analytics. Several UK organisation have already moved to a CDM, including OMOP (Genomics England, HDR-UK) which harmonises disparate coding systems to a common vocabulary. Evidence is then generated using standardised analytics tools, that supports cross Trust research