Patrick Dunn

Learning technology in prisons: how digital tools are providing accessible, personalised and high-quality learning in the prisons and criminal justice sector

A Talk by Patrick Dunn (Project and Partnership Manager, Ufi VocTech Trust)

About this Talk

Digital tools and technology are essential to delivering the prison and offender education system the UK needs.

The use of technology to deliver training and education in prisons presents a range of interesting, and sometimes complex, challenges. Although these challenges are not unique and tend to fall into known categories or themes, secure environments require that our projects tackle them in novel ways.

What has become clear through these projects is that providing a safe, connected device is necessary, yet insufficient for the effective delivery of learning in prisons. In order for the access to be truly useful, prisoners need comprehensive content within secure constraints that can be personalised both in content and experience.

This session will draw on the experience of Ufi funded projects, delivering vocational education across the criminal justice system, to share how some of these complex challenges can be overcome.

Patrick will be available for a Q+A at the end of the session.

16 November 2022, 02:00 PM

02:00 PM - 02:40 PM

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Patrick Dunn

Patrick Dunn

Project and Partnership Manager, Ufi VocTech Trust