When wastes could be resources

A Talk by Prof Sandra Esteves
Professor, University of South Wales

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About this talk

My presentation is entitled ‘Turning Wastes Into Resources’ and will highlight the potential role of bioprocesses in turning wastes into numerous resources, these being energy, chemicals, fertilisers, proteins and polymers. The wastes are wide ranging and include materials and gases such as CO2 emissions, sewage, food wastes, galvanised steel, thermal insulation foams, toothbrushes and orthopaedic boots.  Biological processes are carried out at low temperatures and pressures, microbial catalysts are diverse  and deliver conversions directly or indirectly when using the intermediates or products from the bioprocesses  to aid in the conversions and therefore these can yield sustainable circular economies linking the housing sector with the water and waste treatment, energy, chemical and industrial sectors.

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