Your Life through a different Lens

A talk by Phil Worms
CEO, Frog Systems Ltd

09 November 2021, 10:00 AM

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About this talk

95% of us are more likely to retain a message after watching a video compared with just 10% when reading text, and yet we woefully overlook video as a communications tool.

Video’s impact is immediate, emotions are stirred, content is relatable and it is not limited by language, geography or accessibility. Video now accounts for over 90% of all internet traffic. Consumers are demanding their web content - rise of TikTok - in this medium but are continually served text and downloadable information (only 28% of us will ever finish reading a full web page).

With 1 in 4 of us estimated to suffer from a mental health related issue each year and 75% of those affected will not know where to turn for help and will remain unsupported. We demonstrate how video can help those who are struggling.

We'll discuss how video, particularly the lived experience, can help bridge the gap between someone struggling with life's challenges , breaking through stigma, reaching out and taking ownership for their own wellbeing.

We have developed the world's first video led software platform designed for any organisation to communicate messages of hope, support and encouragement, in a way that text fails to do. Empowering their communities to be stronger, more resilient and healthier.