Your move to AWS, Azure or Google Cloud doesn't need to be a drama

A talk by Abby Eaton
Co-founder/Director, Aitemology

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About this talk


The demand for Cloud shows no sign of abating. Newer organisations are asset light and joined the Cloud party from the get-go; it’s the more traditional businesses that must catch up if they’re to remain relevant and competitive in their markets. Whether big or small, a Cloud transformation programme is probably the biggest business investment an organisation is ever likely to make.

Private and public sector CTOs and Business leaders; listen up! The Board looks to the CTO as the expert, and many feel the migration fear but know they need to do it anyway. The biggest worries keeping them up at night are risk, cost, disruption, resource, governance, user acceptance and failure. And of course, where to start.

There are options – DIY if you have the resource/capability, contractors, third party technical suppliers and/or management consultants - but the levels of perceived risk and cost generally feel the same. There are plenty of suppliers for specific elements of a programme, but we know the overriding holy grail is simplicity and control.

Aitemology’s answer

Every Cloud transformation programme follows a common path so why waste time and money reinventing the wheel? This is why we’ve created the Cloud Plug and Playbook. Built using our hands-on client programme experience, it consists of a ‘how to’ manual underpinned by 250 dedicated aitem® downloads (policies, processes, technical products, reports, templates etc.) so organisations can follow their transformation process step by step. It covers every technical aspect together with the critical non-technical elements such as organisation and resourcing structure, governance, planning and control, and change management.

The Playbook offers simplicity and does the heavy lifting, so organisations only need to focus on their company specifics. This unique blueprint is the only scalable, effective and proven solution organisations need to move all or some of their IT estate to their chosen cloud platform (AWS, Azure, GCP etc). And if a transformation journey has come to grinding halt it will help the team regain control with renewed confidence to oversee, manage and assure successful delivery. Consultants offer complexity but the Playbook delivers simplicity. If your outsourced professional services supplier is faltering, the Playbook can be used to hold their feet to the fire.

This is Digital innovation at its simplest and most effective.

We worked out we’ve incorporated 66,000 hours of client delivery expertise in the playbook. As far as we know, no-one is offering this type of step by step, start to finish process underpinned with actual templates, examples, reports etc. that can be used by any regulated or non-regulated organisation of any size while being vendor agnostic. It offers comfort to CTOs everywhere; there is a simpler way.

What we offer the audience Our steps to success, including a realistic 360 appreciation of what’s involved in a migration programme, some pitfalls and examples.

Attendee take-aways We’ve written a series of succinct thought leadership aitems® (articles) outlining the ENABLERS TO SUCCESS and how to SHARPEN CONTROL for:

• Digital transformation

• Change management

• Audit and assurance

• Project management and PMO

• Process transformation

• System development

These are offered as links for the audience to digest afterwards.